Monday, September 29, 2008

Abortion Euphemisms

Euphemism: The substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive expression for one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant. (Src. Merriam Webster Dictionary) 


Should be…




A person who opposes abortion is "pro-life." Should not a person with the opposite viewpoint be labeled "pro-death?" An abortion always results in the death of the baby.



Another argument

Why use "choice?" Whose choice is it? The pregnant mother may choose abortion because she wants to rid herself of the pregnancy. The abortionist and the abortion clinic may choose abortion because they are engaged in this for-profit business. But, the unborn baby is never given a choice. Most of us are grateful our mothers did not abort us. Our choice now is life. Why take the choice for life away from an unborn baby merely because he or she is weak and cannot speak?

"Perform" abortion

Commit abortion

A person "commits" murder, but "performs" abortion. "Perform" sanitizes the procedure as being little more than an appendectomy.

Pregnancy termination

killing an unborn baby

Abortion sounds more like a routine medical procedure when it is referred to as "pregnancy termination," rather than the equally accurate "killing an unborn baby."



While "fetus" is a correct and acceptable term for an unborn baby from about the third month of pregnancy, the use of this word makes the unborn baby more a cold, clinical object than a loved, human person. For example, a woman who plans to deliver her baby excitedly tells everyone she is going to have a "baby," whereas a woman who plans to have an abortion talks about her "fetus."



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killing and unborn cannot be related, have contradictory meaning