Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hurt by Religion?

I have met a few people who tell me that "religion is the root of all evil in the world today." Well, I agree. And the reason that is true is because of a very simple reason. Religion is man-made.

But then to be a Christian is following a religion, isnt it? Well actually no. Being a Christian is simply "following Jesus Christ", that's it - a true Christian is not a Catholic, not a Protestant, not a nobody! Just a plain disciple of Jesus Christ. (Point to ponder: Did Jesus have a denomination in the first place, that we have 'divided' ourselves into so many denominations)

Coming back to the topic, if religion is man-made, then what is it that will give you bliss. Here's the answer. Its RELATION - a true relation with God.

Build a relation with God - its unlike all the others. Enjoy.


Amey Samant said...

hello there,
remember me?
nice posts.
finally some footsteps of urs to trace ;) actually i got here from the OWASP site
hows life going?
but looks like u dun actively blog nemore :) ... mebbe busy with M$ stuff :D

keep in touch.

vineha said...

its nice to see a techie blog about the Lord with equal fervour. :)