Friday, June 29, 2007

Religion Redefined

I know many people who are hurt by religion. They see religion as the chief cause of the mess the world is in. Religion causes strife, divisions and problems. I AGREE.

The reason why religion causes problems is rather straightforward - Religion has been made by man. I repeat, Religion is man-made. Anything made by man always suffers from these consequences.

There is an alternative to religion. Yes, you'd be surprised to know that there is a God-made alternative to religion - it is called RELATION. Now relation is a topic that needs deep thought. Consider this anecdote - A lady goes to her doctor and tells him, "Doctor, I am a Parsi but my husband is a Hindu, what religion must I inculcate in my child?". The doctor paused thoughtfully and then replied, "Will your daughter call you by any other name other than mummy and does your religion matter in what she calls you?". No sooner the doctor has said this, than it dawned to her what the doctor was trying to impress upon her. Religion does not count, relation does.

God wants to enter into an an active relation with you. I have seen it first hand in my own life and in my future posts I shall tell you more. God loves you and wants to play an active part in your life, He wants to see you successful in everything you do, He wants to help you with your challenges and He is closely watching you.

Remember God loves you and He is waiting for you to rediscover your relation with Him. Are you ready to surrender your life to Him?

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